Unik Systems develops security product amidst ransomeware attacks

HYDERABAD: On the heels of the ransomware attack, Hyderabad-based cyber security and threat intelligence company Unik Systems, which provides encryption solutions to defence and aerospace firms, has announced developing ZeroXT, a product that it claims will protect data-at-rest against a variety of threats including such as ransomware attacks.…
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Experts struggle to rectify UK National Health Service cyber hack

LONDON: Experts have been working around- the-clock to restore IT systems of Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) after they were hit by a large-scale cyber-hack by an international criminal gang that wreaked havoc around the globe, including India. With nearly 45 NHS organisations from London to Scotland hit in the “ransomware” attack yesterday, patients of the state-funded countrywide service are facing days of chaos as appointments and surgeries have been cancelled.…
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