A Google Docs Bug Could Have Allowed Hackers See Your Private Documents

Google has patched a bug in its feedback tool incorporated across its services that could be exploited by an attacker to potentially steal screenshots of sensitive Google Docs documents simply by embedding them in a malicious website. The flaw was discovered on July 9 by security researcher Sreeram KL, for which he was awarded $3133.70 as part of Google’s Vulnerability Reward Program.…
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AutoHotkey-Based Password Stealer Targeting US, Canadian Banking Users

Threat actors have been discovered distributing a new credential stealer written in AutoHotkey (AHK) scripting language as part of an ongoing campaign that started early 2020. Customers of financial institutions in the US and Canada are among the primary targets for credential exfiltration, with a specific focus on banks such as Scotiabank, Royal Bank of Canada, HSBC, Alterna Bank, Capital One, Manulife, and EQ Bank.…
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Defying Skeptics, MicroStrategy Stock (MSTR) Soars to 247-Month High

Alex Dovbnya MicroStrategy (MSTR) shares log a 247-month high, riding on the coattails of Bitcoin’s stellar rally Contents MicroStrategy’s transformation into a Bitcoin whale     Shrugging off Citi’s skepticism The shares of business intelligence firm MicroStrategy have ripped sharply higher, surging by more than 16 percent earlier today.  …
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