Activated Satoshi-Era Bitcoin Address with 500 BTC Now Worth 2,808x More Than in 2011

Yuri Molchan Another dormant Bitcoin wallet from the times of Satoshi has been brought back to life Contents Dormant wallet sending 500 BTC after 2,808x rise Another dormant wallet “waking up” two hours earlier Whale Alert has tweeted that over 17 hours ago, a dormant Bitcoin address that had not made any transactions since 2011 has been activated, making its owner a new Bitcoin millionaire.…
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MicroStrategy Buys Another $94.2 Million Worth of Bitcoin

Alex Dovbnya MicroStrategy is wrapping up the year with yet another Bitcoin announcement Business intelligence firm MicroStrategy has purchased another 1,914 Bitcoins for $94.2 million in cash, according to its recent regulatory filing. The company’s Bitcoin trove has now grown to 124,391 Bitcoins that are worth roughly $5.9 billion at current prices.…
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Malaysian Police Confiscate 1,720 Bitcoin Mining Machines

Alex Dovbnya Malaysian police have seized $836,000 worth of Bitcoin mining equipment Malaysian authorities have seized 1,720 Bitcoin mining machines worth RM3.5 million ($836,920) as the result of a raid, according to Malay-language daily newspaper Sinar Harian. Roughly RM2 million ($478,240) worth of electricity has been stolen by the illegal mining farm.…
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Chinese APT Hackers Used Log4Shell Exploit to Target Academic Institution

A never-before-seen China-based targeted intrusion adversary dubbed Aquatic Panda has been observed leveraging critical flaws in the Apache Log4j logging library as an access vector to perform various post-exploitation operations, including reconnaissance and credential harvesting on targeted systems. Cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike said the infiltration, which was ultimately foiled, was aimed at an unnamed “large academic institution.” The state-sponsored group is believed to have been operating since mid-2020 in pursuit of intelligence collection and industrial espionage, with its attacks primarily directed against companies in the telecommunications, technology, and government sectors.…
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New iLOBleed Rootkit Targeting HP Enterprise Servers with Data Wiping Attacks

A previously unknown rootkit has been found setting its sights on Hewlett-Packard Enterprise’s Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) server management technology to carry out in-the-wild attacks that tamper with the firmware modules and completely wipe data off the infected systems. The discovery, which is the first instance of real-world malware in iLO firmware, was documented by Iranian cybersecurity firm Amnpardaz this week.…
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Blueprint Capital CEO Warns: It’s Mistake to Ignore Crypto as Asset Class Now, Here’s Why

Yuri Molchan CEO of Blueprint Capital, Jacob Walthour, believes that liquidity may flow in the crypto industry soon enough Jacob Walthour, the chief executive officer of the Seattle-based Blueprint Capital investment company that deals with real estate and land, has told CNBC’s Joe Kernen during the Squawk Box show talk today that it may be a mistake to ignore cryptocurrencies as an asset class now.…
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