Earth Estries’ Espionage Campaign Targets Governments and Tech Titans Across Continents

Aug 31, 2023THNCyber Attack / Hacking A hacking outfit nicknamed Earth Estries has been attributed to a new, ongoing cyber espionage campaign targeting government and technology industries based in the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, South Africa, Germany, and the U.S. “The threat actors behind Earth Estries are working with high-level resources and functioning with sophisticated skills and experience in cyber espionage and illicit activities,” Trend Micro researchers Ted Lee, Lenart Bermejo, Hara Hiroaki, Leon M Chang, and Gilbert Sison said.…
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Numbers Don’t Lie: Exposing the Harsh Truths of Cyberattacks in New Report

Aug 31, 2023The Hacker News How often do cyberattacks happen? How frequently do threat actors target businesses and governments around the world? The BlackBerry® Threat Research and Intelligence Team recently analyzed 90 days of real-world data to answer these questions. Full results are in the latest BlackBerry Global Threat Intelligence Report, but read on for a teaser of several interesting cyber attack statistics.…
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North Korean Hackers Deploy New Malicious Python Packages in PyPI Repository

Three additional rogue Python packages have been discovered in the Package Index (PyPI) repository as part of an ongoing malicious software supply chain campaign called VMConnect, with signs pointing to the involvement of North Korean state-sponsored threat actors. The findings come from ReversingLabs, which detected the packages tablediter, request-plus, and requestspro.…
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SapphireStealer Malware: A Gateway to Espionage and Ransomware Operations

Aug 31, 2023THNMalware / Cyber Threat An open-source .NET-based information stealer malware dubbed SapphireStealer is being used by multiple entities to enhance its capabilities and spawn their own bespoke variants. “Information-stealing malware like SapphireStealer can be used to obtain sensitive information, including corporate credentials, which are often resold to other threat actors who leverage the access for additional attacks, including operations related to espionage or ransomware/extortion,” Cisco Talos researcher Edmund Brumaghin said in a report shared with The Hacker News.…
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China-Linked BadBazaar Android Spyware Targeting Signal and Telegram Users

Aug 30, 2023THNMobile Security / Privacy Cybersecurity researchers have discovered malicious Android apps for Signal and Telegram distributed via the Google Play Store and Samsung Galaxy Store that are engineered to deliver the BadBazaar spyware on infected devices. Slovakian company ESET attributed the campaign to a China-linked actor called GREF.…
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MMRat Android Trojan Executes Remote Financial Fraud Through Accessibility Feature

Aug 30, 2023THNMobile Security / Malware A previously undocumented Android banking trojan dubbed MMRat has been observed targeting mobile users in Southeast Asia since late June 2023 to remotely commandeer the devices and perform financial fraud. “The malware, named after its distinctive package name, can capture user input and screen content, and can also remotely control victim devices through various techniques, enabling its operators to carry out bank fraud on the victim’s device,” Trend Micro said.…
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Hackers Can Exploit Windows Container Isolation Framework to Bypass Endpoint Security

Aug 30, 2023THNMalware / Endpoint Security New findings show that malicious actors could leverage a sneaky malware detection evasion technique and bypass endpoint security solutions by manipulating the Windows Container Isolation Framework. The findings were presented by Deep Instinct security researcher Daniel Avinoam at the DEF CON security conference held earlier this month.…
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Alert: Juniper Firewalls, Openfire, and Apache RocketMQ Under Attack from New Exploits

Recently disclosed security flaws impacting Juniper firewalls, Openfire, and Apache RocketMQ servers have come under active exploitation in the wild, according to multiple reports. The Shadowserver Foundation said that it’s “seeing exploitation attempts from multiple IPs for Juniper J-Web CVE-2023-36844 (& friends) targeting /webauth_operation.php endpoint,” the same day a proof-of-concept (PoC) became available.…
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How to Prevent ChatGPT From Stealing Your Content & Traffic

ChatGPT and similar large language models (LLMs) have added further complexity to the ever-growing online threat landscape. Cybercriminals no longer need advanced coding skills to execute fraud and other damaging attacks against online businesses and customers, thanks to bots-as-a-service, residential proxies, CAPTCHA farms, and other easily accessible tools.…
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