Bitcoin, Gold and U.S. Treasury Bonds to Become Top Performers in 2H 2021: Bloomberg’s Mike McGlone

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Yuri Molchan

Mike McGlone believes that gold, Bitcoin and US Treasury bonds are likely to become top performers later this year


Bloomberg’s chief expert on commodities, Mike McGlone, has shared his take that in the second half of 2012, Bitcoin and two other major assets are likely to become top performers on the financial markets.

“This trio to become the top of 2H performers”

Mike McGlone has taken to Twitter to say that, according to Bloomberg data, three assets—Bitcoin, gold and U.S. Treasury bonds— are expected to become top-performing assets in the second half of this year.

At the moment, these three are undergoing substantial corrections, according to Bloomberg’s chief commodity strategist, as they are entering bull markets.

Bitcoin to resume heading to $100,000 in 2H 2021

Earlier, McGlone tweeted that he expects Bitcoin to resume its movement toward the $100,000 level in the second half of 2021. As for crude oil, it will enter a bearish trend in the second half of this year with profound macroeconomic implications.

As for the current Bitcoin price correction, McGlone believes that this is a necessary stage for the further maturation of BTC.

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