German Police Attacks Dark Web Drug Market

German police recently attack dark web drug market and shutdown mostly every big market place.

  • Dream Market Place
  • Wall Street Market
  • Vallah Market
  • Silkroad 2.0
  • Alphabay New

many other market’s got shutdown by German and dutch police.

the fbi caught two road drug specialist in los angeles, the German DPA news office itemized. The site – by and by cut down – was named “Cash Street Market”.

Cash and cryptographic types of cash were seized.

The diminish net is a web an area past the range of standard web search devices.

Dutch police and the EU police association Europol were also drawn in with pounding the framework. In a tweet, Dutch police say they moved the action.

The German police caught a 31-year-old in Bad Vilbel, a man developed 22 in Kleve and a man developed 29 in Esslingen.

Police say they clutched the PCs used to run the unlawful business focus, close by more than €550,000 (£601232.50)in genuine cash, more than €1m in the computerized monetary standards Bitcoin and Monero, similarly as expensive vehicles.

Full story you can find at vice

Dream has been in action so long, it’s hard to acknowledge they’re giving up now. Not in any way like most darknet business focuses, they’re halting before they get shut down. They’re furthermore not running off with everyone’s money, another point on the side of them. As one customer on Dread put it:

Law approval executed 65 court orders, clutching 299.5 kilograms of meds, 51 firearms, and more than $7 million ($4.5 million in computerized cash, $2.48 million in genuine cash, and $40,000 in gold). They in like manner coordinated 122 gatherings. Besides, taking an intrigue workplaces busy with state supported guidance tries concerning the dangers of opiate abuse during the action.

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