Hypocritical “TOR Scam List”

TOR community is very big and mostly friendly. Literally, TOR is like a big family and each family has a black sheep. Today’s hero is “TOR Scam List”.

New ways to fool you

At the present time deepweb is turning around various scam stores: credit cards, gift cards, paypal etc. Each HYIP sphere has a certain percentage of scammers among them and it’s natural. Some projects even run their own link catalogues, wikis and web searches. Well, it’s reasonable: you make your target audience to use all kind of services that leads to a purchase on one of your scam shop. “TOR Scam List” is the best example of such thing.

Just like any of you I frequently browse through the deepweb in searching of something interesting to tell you about. Few months ago I came across the “TOR Scam List”. Well, I found it interesting and started watching it. At that time it was just a “sad and painful story of being scammed multiple times” and a list of ALL shops and stores in DW marked as “scam” for no reason. Seriously, the author put EVERY shop there without any proofs. I bet it looked like this: “Oh, here is the link catalogue! Let’s copy-paste all the shops to my list and mark them as a scam. I am genius!”

Very “sad” story
“Genius” list

Way to fool #1

Unfortunately (or luckily?) that “sad story” was just a game. I realized it when I stumbled upon a story of one cc shop talked to “scam list” admin. I don’t want to advertise them so I will blur their name. See the screenshots attached.

As you can see, all that “sad and painful story of being scammed multiple times” on the “TOR Scam List” main page is a piece of shit! All this service was made to earn money. Do you remember my TORCH review? Do you remember the ad pricing there? Now think a little about the amount of money the “scam list” admins spent on this. It’s all reasonable.

“TOR Scam List” admins just blackmail the shops and want them to pay money. They don’t care about deepweb users’ money, they don’t care about whether you scammed or not. They just want MONEY. That’s one of the reasons of creating such a “list”.

Way to fool #2

Now it’s time for the second reason. Do you remember I told you above about how scammers create non-selling services to fool you? This is the reason why the “TOR Scam List” was created! They put their own “shops” in a verified list and claim it as an unbeatable truth without any proofs.

A very cynical last sentence


When I started preparing this review there was only one link – http://xfgjjka5b6sk4gbd.onion. Then they changed it to http://b3hn7kfx7e6bj24h.onion and then they changed it again, again and again, and then again… Honestly, I tired watching that and then I noticed they changed their TORCH banner saying they are being attacked by some scammers so they change their link. If it’s true, then I’m happy that there will be one shitty service less. Keep it up, guys! #MakeTORGreatAgain

Let’s make a resume. “TOR Scam List” has a list of “scam” services with no proofs => it’s totally bullshit. “TOR Scam List” has a list of “verified” shop with no proofs again. So, it’s a bullshit too.

Wanna my advice? AVOID “TOR Scam List” and never trust any service regarding any shop’s legitimacy without providing any sort of proofs.

Don’t be a fool!

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