FTX Grabs 30% Stake in Anthony Scaramucci’s Crypto Fund as Bitcoin Surges 9%

Yuri Molchan Crypto billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX has bought 30% stake in Scaramucci’s major crypto-oriented fund Bloomberg has reported that the investment arm of FTX exchange, founded and run by billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried, has decided to take a stake of 30% in SkyBridge Capital – Anthony Scaramucci’s fund that invests in Bitcoin and Ethereum, along with other coins and crypto-related companies.…
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Cardano (ADA) Aiming at New Highs Following Breakout: Crypto Market Review, September 8

Arman Shirinyan Bitcoin’s reversal was positive factor for Cardano as cryptocurrency is aiming for recovery Contents Cardano’s breakthrough remains successful Reversal might be near Despite the recovery the cryptocurrency market saw yesterday, the sentiment of traders and investors is still close to extreme fear as the correction on the market does not seem to be over.…
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Bitcoin Is on Verge of Further Downfall, But S&P 500 May Save It

Gamza Khanzadaev Fear weighs on crypto market, but there is still small chance of help from traditional markets Fear on the downside of the stock market forced Bitcoin to choose a downward direction last night. Nevertheless, there is still enough room for rather good news, because the most important index of the American stock market, the S&P 500, is still above $3,900, despite the fact that at the moment it has reached $3,883.…
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$358 Million Liquidated as Bitcoin Plunges to $18,800: What’s Next?

Arman Shirinyan Almost $400 million in liquidations hit market as Bitcoin loses battle against bears As we mentioned numerous times in U.Today cryptocurrency market reviews, the majority of experienced market participants anticipated another plunge down from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies despite indications of positivity we saw previously.…
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