Bitcoin May Soar After Current “Discount”, If History Repeats Itself: Bloomberg’s Chief Analyst

Yuri Molchan Major analyst of Boomberg names cases in the past when Bitcoin nosedived like now and then spiked Contents “Bitcoin joins gold and US Treasuries as global store of value” “Bitcoin at discount during elongated bull market” Chief commodity analyst of Bloomberg, Mike McGlone, has taken to Twitter to say that Bitcoin is in a good position at the moment, despite the big “discount” it is trading at.…
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I Want Bitcoin to Go Lower, David Gokhshtein Says, Here’s Why

Yuri Molchan This influencer wants Bitcoin to head below current $19,700 level, but he also wants SHIB to hit $0.01 Contents Possible explanation of Gokhshtein’s wish Gokhshtein wants SHIB to reach $0.01 Founder and CEO of Gokhshtein Media, former U.S. congressional candidate David Gokhshtein, stated in a recent tweet that he wants Bitcoin to go further down for “selfish reasons.” Selfish reasons.…
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Fake Crypto Trading Data Revealed by Forbes’ Research into 160 Exchanges

Yuri Molchan Recent research conducted by Forbes has shown that a lot of crypto trading data from exchanges is fake Contents Deliberately increased trading data reported Wash trading by whales Research made by head of data and analytics at Forbes’ crypto asset division, Javier Pax, shows that there is a big mismatch between actual Bitcoin trading data and the one crypto exchanges report.…
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