Sale of 4 Million Stolen Cards Tied to Breaches at 4 Restaurant Chains

On Nov. 23, one of the cybercrime underground’s largest bazaars for buying and selling stolen payment card data announced the immediate availability of some four million freshly-hacked debit and credit cards. KrebsOnSecurity has learned this latest batch of cards was siphoned from four different compromised restaurant chains that are most prevalent across the midwest and eastern United States.…
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Top 21 Cybersecurity & Threat Intelligence Events in 2020

Making time for cybersecurity events is a great way to keep pace, network with colleagues, and discuss new innovations. We’ve researched what’s out there and are happy to share our findings with you. While not an exhaustive list, the following list of events for 2020 will have a date, location, and focus that will fit just about anyone’s schedule and interests.…
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110 Nursing Homes Cut Off from Health Records in Ransomware Attack

A ransomware outbreak has besieged a Wisconsin based IT company that provides cloud data hosting, security and access management to more than 100 nursing homes across the United States. The ongoing attack is preventing these care centers from accessing crucial patient medical records, and the IT company’s owner says she fears this incident could soon lead not only to the closure of her business, but also to the untimely demise of some patients.…
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