Beware: Scam-as-a-Service Aiding Cybercriminals in Crypto Wallet-Draining Attacks

Dec 30, 2023NewsroomCryptocurrency / Phishing Scam Cybersecurity researchers are warning about an increase in phishing attacks that are capable of draining cryptocurrency wallets. “These threats are unique in their approach, targeting a wide range of blockchain networks, from Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain to Polygon, Avalanche, and almost 20 other networks by using a crypto wallet-draining technique,” Check Point researchers Oded Vanunu, Dikla Barda, and Roman Zaikin said.…
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Kimsuky Hackers Deploying AppleSeed, Meterpreter, and TinyNuke in Latest Attacks

Dec 29, 2023NewsroomMalware / Cyber Threat Nation-state actors affiliated to North Korea have been observed using spear-phishing attacks to deliver an assortment of backdoors and tools such as AppleSeed, Meterpreter, and TinyNuke to seize control of compromised machines. South Korea-based cybersecurity company AhnLab attributed the activity to an advanced persistent threat group known as Kimsuky.…
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Albanian Parliament and One Albania Telecom Hit by Cyber Attacks

Dec 29, 2023NewsroomCyber Attack / Web Security The Assembly of the Republic of Albania and telecom company One Albania have been targeted by cyber attacks, the country’s National Authority for Electronic Certification and Cyber Security (AKCESK) revealed this week. “These infrastructures, under the legislation in force, are not currently classified as critical or important information infrastructure,” AKCESK said.…
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Microsoft Disables MSIX App Installer Protocol Widely Used in Malware Attacks

Dec 29, 2023NewsroomMalware / Endpoint Security Microsoft on Thursday said it’s once again disabling the ms-appinstaller protocol handler by default following its abuse by multiple threat actors to distribute malware. “The observed threat actor activity abuses the current implementation of the ms-appinstaller protocol handler as an access vector for malware that may lead to ransomware distribution,” the Microsoft Threat Intelligence team said.…
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Most Sophisticated iPhone Hack Ever Exploited Apple’s Hidden Hardware Feature

Dec 28, 2023NewsroomSpyware / Hardware Security The Operation Triangulation spyware attacks targeting Apple iOS devices leveraged never-before-seen exploits that made it possible to even bypass pivotal hardware-based security protections erected by the company. Russian cybersecurity firm Kaspersky, which discovered the campaign at the beginning of 2023 after becoming one of the targets, described it as the “most sophisticated attack chain” it has ever observed to date.…
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Google Cloud Resolves Privilege Escalation Flaw Impacting Kubernetes Service

Dec 28, 2023NewsroomCloud Security / Data Protection Google Cloud has addressed a medium-severity security flaw in its platform that could be abused by an attacker who already has access to a Kubernetes cluster to escalate their privileges. “An attacker who has compromised the Fluent Bit logging container could combine that access with high privileges required by Anthos Service Mesh (on clusters that have enabled it) to escalate privileges in the cluster,” the company said as part of an advisory released on December 14, 2023.…
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Warning: Poorly Secured Linux SSH Servers Under Attack for Cryptocurrency Mining

Dec 27, 2023NewsroomMalware / Server Security Poorly secured Linux SSH servers are being targeted by bad actors to install port scanners and dictionary attack tools with the goal of targeting other vulnerable servers and co-opting them into a network to carry out cryptocurrency mining and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.…
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New Sneaky Xamalicious Android Malware Hits Over 327,000 Devices

Dec 27, 2023NewsroomPrivacy / App Security A new Android backdoor has been discovered with potent capabilities to carry out a range of malicious actions on infected devices. Dubbed Xamalicious by the McAfee Mobile Research Team, the malware is so named for the fact that it’s developed using an open-source mobile app framework called Xamarin and abuses the operating system’s accessibility permissions to fulfill its objectives.…
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