What Developers Need to Fight the Battle Against Common Vulnerabilities

Today’s threat landscape is constantly evolving, and now more than ever, organizations and businesses in every sector have a critical need to consistently produce and maintain secure software. While some verticals – like the finance industry, for example – have been subject to regulatory and compliance requirements for some time, we are seeing a steady increase in attention on cybersecurity best practices at the highest levels of government, with the US, UK, and Australia all shining very recent light on the need for secure development at every stage of the SDLC.…
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Hackers Leak Another Set of Medibank Customer Data on the Dark Web

Medibank on Thursday confirmed that the threat actors behind the devastating cyber attack have posted another dump of data stolen from its systems on the dark web after its refusal to pay a ransom. “We are in the process of analyzing the data, but the data released appears to be the data we believed the criminal stole,” the Australian health insurer said.…
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3 New Vulnerabilities Affect OT Products from German Companies Festo and CODESYS

Researchers have disclosed details of three new security vulnerabilities affecting operational technology (OT) products from CODESYS and Festo that could lead to source code tampering and denial-of-service (DoS). The vulnerabilities, reported by Forescout Vedere Labs, are the latest in a long list of flaws collectively tracked under the name OT:ICEFALL.…
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Australia Passes Bill to Fine Companies up to $50 Million for Data Breaches

The Australian government has passed a bill that markedly increases the penalty for companies suffering from serious or repeated data breaches. To that end, the maximum fines have been bumped up from the current AU$2.22 million to AU$50 million, 30% of an entity’s adjusted turnover in the relevant period, or three times the value of any benefit obtained through the misuse of information, whichever is greater.…
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Vulnerability Intelligence Roundup: Five lessons learned since Log4Shell

As the holiday season approaches, my family has a tradition of watching all of our favorite holiday movies—my favorite being Home Alone. It is the time for festive decorations, eggnog, and large heartwarming feasts with family and friends. Sadly, though, it is going to take a lot more than your aunt’s mystery casserole to ward off nefarious actors during the holiday season.…
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French Electricity Provider Fined for Storing Users’ Passwords with Weak MD5 Algorithm

The French data protection watchdog on Tuesday fined electricity provider Électricité de France €600,000 for violating the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements. The Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés (CNIL) said the electric utility breached European regulation by storing the passwords for over 25,800 accounts by hashing them using the MD5 algorithm as recently as July 2022.…
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This Malicious App Abused Hacked Devices to Create Fake Accounts on Multiple Platforms

A malicious Android SMS application discovered on the Google Play Store has been found to stealthily harvest text messages with the goal of creating accounts on a wide range of platforms like Facebook, Google, and WhatsApp. The app, named Symoo (com.vanjan.sms), had over 100,000 downloads and functioned as a relay for transmitting messages to a server, which advertises an account creation service.…
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