Running Windows? Here’s What You Need to Know about Microsoft Security Warning

Microsoft’s latest security vulnerability could have a lingering impact both on consumers and businesses at a time when many around the world are already on high alert for disruptive cyber attacks. Source: WRAL TechWire Researchers at security firm Sangfor recently found a Windows vulnerability, called PrintNightmare, that could allow hackers to remotely gain access to the operating system and install programs, view and delete data or even create new user accounts with full user rights.…
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Code that Formed Basis of Worldwide Web for Sale as Non-fungible Token

Proceeds of sale by Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the internet, to go to charity. Source: Irish Times Inventions are most salient with the historical changes they cause, but ranking them is more art than science. One could argue that the printing press, which allowed literacy to evolve and spread, with thinkers sharing more ideas, was the greatest innovation of all time.…
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China Urges Banks, Alipay to Crack Down Harder on Cryptocurrencies

China’s central bank said on Monday it had recently summoned some banks and payment firms, including China Construction Bank (OTC:CICHF) and Alipay, urging them to crack down harder on cryptocurrency trading. Source: / Reuters The People’s Bank of China’s meeting came after China’s State Council, or cabinet, last month said it would tighten restrictions on bitcoin trading and mining.…
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Top 5 Cryptocurrencies with Highest Value Right Now

Cryptocurrencies are probably one of the most exciting developments to come along in recent years. While initially ignored and written off by most of the mainstream, cryptocurrencies have come a long way since then. Source: Besides being used as a means to quickly transfer huge quantities of funds, cryptos are now regarded by even institutional investors as a viable asset.…
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